10 More Days!

From Chuck:

November 26, 2012

We're in the homestretch!

We did a full run-through yesterday and surprise, it actually looks OK:)  In the end, it will look good.  The final scene actually makes me very happy.  We are trying to encourage civic participation and linking the two main characters, and the play ends on a high note.  It's a twist ending.  To James' credit, it works. The two of us had amazing collaboration.

We're going to have stick dynamite in the Arsena actors to get them to move, but Robin Hood looks great.  It just makes you laugh.  We added a whole jester character, who doesn't really say anything, but nevertheless makes everyone laugh.  There are many, many props, some of them more fun than others, and the sheer size of the production has us breathless, but we have done it.  There are 35 kids of all ages and four adults trying their best to finish this project.

There's also a kilo of chocolate coins we're throwing out in the audience.  We're trying to take the acting out in the audience as much as possible, and involve them with our work.

Costuming has also gone to a whole new level.  We had some sent from the USA and Norway.  We have made some and are in the process of making more.  We are trying to make Arsena is real as possible.  We've gone a little crazy with Robin Hood, but it's so much fun that the sky is the limit.

We're a little behind on the scenery but I'm planning on an emergency Saturday session.  I'm sending all the leftover food from our work session for my real job, so everyone wins.  There is a possibility that we will move to the university theater.  It holds 100 more, but it looks like we can fill it.

This weekend is the dress rehearsal and the scavenger hunt, our outdoor event.  Sarah and Jordan have taken charge of that, and thanks to James' list, we ironed out all the music and Jordan is in charge.  I have learned so much about giving up control and letting others handle responsibility.  Either that or I've done this so many times that's it's going easier.  About halfway through, I was struggling under the weight of this thing.  However, today I feel like it's under control.

Breathing a little easier.  The battle has been joined and we are pulling in the same direction.  We have managed to pull it off.  It's not done yet, but it will work, and it will be a credit to all of us that we don't quit.  Even if the night is a total disaster, we didn't quit.  As James used to always say: our work is greater than the sum of us.  We brought our dream to life: a mostly original production that didn't exist four months ago.  Mostly, it was determination to show a group of kids that adults act like adults, and that North Americans are good people who care.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most obvious.

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