We were a total smash hit!

The cast and crew at dress rehearsal.

The cast and crew working together the morning of show day.

The cast and crew putting their hands in for one final boost before the show.

After near exhaustion, everything went flawlessly in the end and we were a complete hit.  We stood together, locked hands and it paid off.  None of us went down and we put on one heck of a show and brought Robin Hood Meets Arsena Marabdeli to life.  The US embassy, several NGOs, the Peace Corps, Batumi State University, Adjara TV and members of the Adjara government were in attendance.  

From Chuck:

Thank you to everyone for standing together and not quitting.  Jordan, Sarah, Keti and I are so very, very proud of you, and your work and efforts have been noticed by many, many people.  You have accomplished so much and should be very proud of yourselves and your work.  You were amazing.  We did it together!

From Facebook: 

Total team work in Batumi:) Big thanks to Nana, Anna, Keti, Sarah, Jordan, our friends at the US embassy, Adjara TV (who announced the schedule change on TV and sent a crew!), Batumi State University, the Access program (and 30 very dedicated and hard-working teenagers).

Vist Adjara TV:
Link to newscast on Adjara TV (at 11:33:54)

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