Props Nearly Completed, Halfway on the Scenery and a SCAVENGER HUNT!

From Chuck:

November 18, 2012

Three weeks to go!

Two more rehearsals this week. Arsena is under control but the execution scene in Robin Hood is messy. Half the cast for Robin Hood wasn't there because of tests and field trips, so we ran through Arsena. Part of this project is learning responsibility and showing up on time (and not quitting). We will have to redirect to get everyone there on time and focused. I'm not greatly worried as we're nearly there but we have to keep pushing.

While Robin Hood is fun, Arsena is very dry, and we're having to coach the students more on their acting and projection. There's not too much passion and while the students have the lines and the blocking down, it's nearly sleepy with the acting. I know they can do it and we still have time to relight the fire. We will spend a whole practice on the sword fighting for Arsena. There are four scenes with sword fighting and some are more complex than others. In the interest of time, we're going to keep it simple, but it should look exciting. The fighting was a big hit in our last theater project, so were going to use it again.

The prop list is nearly completed and we're halfway on the scenery, but it should easily be finished by opening night. Costuming is about halfway completed. I had a mild panic attack tonight as I was completing more tasks, but it passed and realized we are probably right on schedule, but it will be a major push the last two weeks to finish it.

Finally, we figured out our excursion for this production. We are all overloaded with work and the play and trying to do the work of four with only three, and the weather is turning cold. We decided to organize a scavenger hunt, using English as the medium, which will increase language skills as well as get us out of the school. The students are excited as it's the first time they've done anything like that, so we'll take lots of pictures and post them.

I want to thank Sarah and Jordan again for all their work. They are real professionals and have stuck it out. We haven't slept in weeks, but they keep going.

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