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From Chuck:

December 2, 2012

Four days to go!  Not much time to write so this will be short.

On Saturday, we had a very nice piece on Adjara TV, discussing Access student participation and the play.  We are engaged in civic participation, and fostering the belief.  We'll get it posted as soon as we can.

The last few pieces are coming together.  The dress rehearsal was a complete mess yesterday, but that hopefully means the show is going to be great.

We've managed to secure a much larger theater at the university.

From our sister site, ELCEonline.com: The cast and crew of Robin Hood Meets Arsena Marabdeli had brunch and a scavenger hunt before practice on Sunday, December 2.  It turned out to be incredibly fun and a unique opportunity to get students to use English outside of class.  Students used cell phones and took pictures of themselves in the Batumi community.  It was also a great opportunity to involve the community as students had to explain what they were doing to people who took the pictures.

The basic rules: teams of four.  EVERYONE has to be in the picture (meaning, someone else has to take the picture of the four team members).  Two-hour time limit.  We used symbols in Batumi, but you can adapt this to any village or city.  The word clues also involved critical thinking skills and considerable team work.

Scavenger Hunt!
  • Take a picture of everyone on your team wearing a mask;
  • Take a picture of everyone on your team wearing rain boots;
  • Take a picture of the “genetic code” of Georgia;
  • Take a picture of everyone on your team with their feet in the Sea;
  • The billiards game is over if this ball is sunk. Take a picture of it;
  • Take a picture on a boat that is also a restaurant; and,
  • Take a picture of a fake lake.
  • Take a picture with the food Merchant 1 says to go and eat in Arsena;
  • Take a picture of someone eating Acharuli Katchapuri (Note: It cannot be someone from your team);
  • Take a picture of the characters from Kurban Said’s novel set in Azerbaijan and Georgia;
  • Take a picture of someone in traditional Georgian costume; and,
  • Take a picture of the Quiet Woman’s place; and,
  • Take a picture of a proposal.
  • Take a picture near the article of clothing Jason brought to Georgia from Greece;
  • Take a picture of an extinct animal;
  • Take a picture of Stalin (Note: Team members do not have to be in the photo);
  • You can find these in Egypt. Make one with your bodies and take a picture; and,
  • Take a picture with “Hi Cat!” (Hint: It’s a very big book);

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