From Chuck:

November 5, 2012

Practice, practice, practice.  We finally finished the Robin Hood section.  We're roughly two days off schedule, but we're going to be fine.  The scenery is coming along nicely, but we will have to start pushing to finish it.  Our scenery man is amazing, but he is a perfectionist, and perfection takes time.  While I'm not so worried at the moment as we are in relatively good shape to finish this, thing change quickly with large projects.  It's better to be ahead than behind.

We're learning by doing.  I've done theater productions before, but nothing this large.  Perhaps the greatest difficulty has been the challenge of keeping the kids focused.  There has been so much confusion since the departure of James and it has been a struggle.  James had a gift for theater.  It is very difficult to explain to children and teenagers what happened when adults have problems, and to remain appropriate, but we have managed.  Some of the kids took his departure rather hard and it shows in their performance, but I've done my best to keep us all together.  I'm not sure what I would have done without Sarah and Jordan.  They are working seven days a week and I owe them considerable gratitude.

The play itself actually looks good but needs work.  We cut some of the dialogue to make it not so English-heavy.  We cut one non-essential scene from the Arsena section to save ourselves and it really worked.  The Robin Hood section has some memorable parts that are very visual, but directing is not my strong suit, and I sometimes fear that I'm not doing the correct thing.  Perhaps there is no correct thing when you realize a project is much more about going on and finishing than anything else.  You do not quit when working with children.

On Wednesday, we go off-script and start using the props.  Jordan has managed to figure out the music and we are back on track with that by the end of the week.  All in all, it's going to be a marathon to the finish but we will manage.  

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